"Pay It Forward" Fund

In the field of robotics, many teams have great potential. However, they struggle to find the right sponsors to realize their projects. As SPARC 5665, we have observed many projects struggling to find financial support, both within and outside of our own team. Despite their potential, we have been in contact with many teams that could not advance or even start their projects due to difficulties in finding financial support.

We aimed to create a society where all teams have an equal chance. For this reason, we established our “Pay It Forward” fund with a portion of our sponsorship.

Teams seeking financial support through this sustainability fund, the first of its kind in Turkey, contacted us and after a rigorous evaluation, we strategically allocated funds to teams with promising projects. Our goal was to encourage teams to contribute back to our fund when they stabilize, but also to support the cycle of sharing and amplifying success in a sustainable way. Because although we are all perceived as competitors, we are actually each other’s biggest supporters, united by a common passion. Within the scope of this project, 40 FRC teams applied for our fund and we distributed the money among 5 teams. We set our target for next year as 20 teams.