Our ambition rises along with our aims every year. Building an effective and well-machined robot from the ground up and securing funding for travel costs, robot parts, and any other requirements the team may have will require a great deal of labor and effort if we are to meet our goal.

There are about a hundred students and twenty six mentors in our team. Every academic year, freshmen enroll, seniors graduate, and college-bound graduates gain life-changing experiences that are exclusive to FIRST. As a seasoned team, we take pride in our work, which motivates us to work toward greater and more ambitious objectives for the next campaign.

Sparc 5665 is seeking sponsors who believe, as we do, that supporting Robotics is an investment in the future.

How Your Sponsorship Benefits Our Team And The Community?

• Support our project like Steamline where students get involved in S.T.E.A.M oriented extracurricular activities

• Provides resources and inspires young women to pursue and gain confidence in S.T.E.A.M subjects.

• Helps us increase awareness of robotics related programs in Istanbul.

• Helps us do demonstration at schools, as well as international and community conferences.

• Creates a pipeline for future interns and employee opportunities.

• Provides employee team building and training opportunities as well as increasing positive feelings for employers.